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The purpose of this site is to offer easy access for decisionmakers to read “Elvira’s Sidecar,”  a screenplay by Beverly Rose.

Studio readers, agents, managers and producers can quickly scan the logline and screenplay, decide if the story is of interest, and contact Beverly at 360-929-2080  or 360-331-1110 or email: bubbybev@whidbey.com


This original action-packed drama pits a battered wife against her wealthy, power-hungry husband when she accepts an impossible mission from International Security; to stop him from taking control of the world’s weather. Her weapons? A magical sidecar motorcycle and the mysterious people who come into her life.

It can be read in its entirety here:     Elvira’s Sidecar Master pdf


The first 30 pages and the last 10 pages can be read here:

 Elvira’s Sidecar Master for website-first 30 and last 10 pages

“Elvira’s Sidecar” has been registered with The Writers Guild of America and copyrighted with the US Department of  Patents and Trademarks.

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